Dr. Catarina R. Dolsten provides tailored consulting services in executive coaching and organizational development with the purpose of increased organizational performance.

Dr. Dolsten has experience from health care, founder driven organizations, the financial industry, law and the non-for profit sector both in the US and globally. 

Catarina R Dolsten received a masters from Columbia University in Organizational Development and Change Management, is a Certified Coach from NYU. Dr. Dolsten is a Medical Doctor and received a BA in business administration both from Lund University, Sweden.

Dr. Dolsten brings extensive experience from executive and management settings in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Dr. Dolsten offers individualized programs, workshops and packages for:

  • C-suite Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Assessment, Evaluation and Development
  • Strategic Planning, Organizational Development and Change Management
  • Team Development
  • Diversity, Gender and Inclusion Training
  • Executive Presence Training
  • Global Agility Training

Each program is designed to have a set of outcomes metrics for evaluation on a regular basis. 

Dr. Dolsten is the founder of Catarina R Dolsten LLC and serves a director on non-profit organizations.

Click here to reach Catarina or email crd@crdolsten.com